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The Brand

We create 

beautiful fine jewelry with love and light

for the mindful woman.

At Emi Conner Jewelry, we believe that all forms of expression are valuable, and any form of art that can bring people joy and happiness is so vital in the world that is so filled with stress. So we believe that with every single piece of jewelry we create, we are helping to make a difference in the world.


Our mission is to create beautiful, sparkling jewelry that will bring you joy and happiness. These positive emotions can keep you connected to your soul, humanity and each other. We put so much love and light in every piece of our jewelry and each piece comes with a gemstone meaning.  We believe that the healing properties of these magic gems would give you a sense of hope, strength, and inspiration to help you get through a difficult day of your life.



Recycled metal, ethically sourced diamonds are used in all our creations. Great care is taken to ensure all diamonds are sourced ethically, in adherence to the Kimberley Process. Each piece is handset and produced in limited quantities to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum quality.

Our Core Values


We believe in Doing All Things In Love

 We treat others in a kind and loving manner. We are friendly, respectful, and compassionate to ourselves, our team members and our customers.



We Do the Right Thing... Even When No One is Looking

Integrity is everything. We are open, honest, and transparent in what we say and do. It is a matter of respect. It’s respect for ourselves, our colleagues, our organization, our partners, our customers... just plain everyone.


We Put Ourselves in Our Customers' Shoes

 We are committed to quality in our products. We treat our customers exactly how we want to be treated. We recognize that what’s important to us, is just as important to our customers.


We are Passionate about Our Profession

We do things to our full potential and making sure that the final outcome is something that we will be proud of.

We constantly train, learn, and grow our knowledge deepens our confidence, all to be the best for our customers and each other. 


Meet The Team

Emi Conner

Founder, Jewelry Designer, Gold Smith, Reiki Master

3 words to describe Emi :  

Dreamer, Innovator, Spiritual

Zodiac: Sun, Moon, Mercury

Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn

Mike Conner

Co-Founder, Business Advisor, Supporter, Shipper

3 words to describe Mike :

Dog Lover, Trust Worthy, Achiever

Zodiac: Sun, Moon, Mercury

Cancer, Capricorn, Leo 

Somkeit Chaiwong

Assistant, Hand Wax Carver Technician

3 words to describe Somkeit : 

Attention to Detail, Intuitive, Friendly

Zodiac: Sun, Moon, Mercury

Pisces, Scorpio, Aries 

Art Chutchai

Assistant, Stone Setter, Technician, CAD-CAM maker

3 words to describe Art : 

Adventure, Open-minded, Artisan  

Zodiac: Sun, Moon, Mercury

Aquarius, Libra, Aquarius



"I am in love with my Emi Conner ring. I originally purchased the more affordable version of this ring and quickly realized I could buy the diamond heirloom version (hello sparkles!). I selected the 14 karat rose gold, diamonds all around and a moissanite center stone. I had been looking for a ring to replace my old wedding ring. Backstory-my diamond wedding ring got crushed by a salesperson at a furniture store and I had been putting off getting it repaired. I’ll eventually switch out the moissanite to a diamond, but for now, it is perfect in every way. I even had another jeweler comment on how beautiful the craftsmanship is. Thank you Emi for this beautiful ring. I will treasure it forever and hopefully pass it down to my children one day. ( don’t do this ring justice. It sparkles day and night and just exquisite)"

“This Morganite ring is just gorgeous. It has a very nice peachy pink huge with sparkle. The horizontal design and the stone size are just perfect. I think the rose gold setting makes it so very nice and feminine. Emi puts a lot of love in her work and her stones and it really shows. Love this ring! Thank you so much Emi!”

"Absolutely love my ring! This custom order was a special gift to myself in a new chapter of life and Emi was awesome at responding to me quickly and answering all my questions. I've never ordered a custom piece of jewelry before and she made the experience a positive one. ☀"

I wanted a mother's ring with my son's birthstone (Tourmaline) -- and it had to fit with my 10th anniversary ring. Emi did a brilliant job creating a one-of-a-kind ring that stacks on top of the other ring perfectly and it was affordable. The customer service was professional and terrific. I can't wait to buy more from her:)

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For Questions About Your Order, Special Requests & Custom Orders Please use the contact form below.


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