Emi's Story

HI there!
I'M EMI, the heart behind Emi Conner Jewelry. Welcome to my world, where
gemstones aren't just stones—they’re sources of light and meaning.

I'm truly grateful for my journey, which brought me from Thailand to the US in 2005, chasing the American dream. With the support of my husband and a dedicated team
of skilled craftspeople back home, I am proud to curate a constantly evolving collection of fine jewelry. Each piece is designed to bring beauty and a touch of sparkle into the live s of those who wear it.

After a decade as a self-described computer geek, I yearned for a creative outlet that would allow me to connect with the daily inspiration I draw from nature. This longing was answered in 2010 when I received a hematite ring as a gift. Captivated by its energy, I fell deeply in love with the world of crystals, gemstones, and minerals. I discovered the power of carrying positive energy through these stones as wearable art. The idea of creating delicate and meaningful pieces that could brighten someone's day became my passion, leading me to explore jewelry making as an art form.

Initially, I embarked on this path as an autodidact, learning to sculpt metals, metal soldering, identify stones, and master new tools and techniques. As my knowledge and love for the craft deepened, I sought formal education at Stewart’s International School for
Jewelers in Florida.

This adventure transformed my casual interest into a profound dedication, teaching me everything from traditional casting to diamond setting and jewelry repairs. Armed with newfound confidence and expertise, I was ready to transform my passion into a tangible enterprise, and thus, Emi Conner Jewelry was born.

Our Story

Emi Conner Jewelry redefines elegance with meticulously crafted pieces that celebrate life's moments, designed to bring beauty and light to your soul. Infusing each piece with love and magic, we blend traditional and modern techniques to create jewelry that encapsulates memories and dreams.

Our collection, characterized by simplicity and intricate charm, balances vintage and modern-bohemian styles, all handcrafted to the highest quality by Emi and her team. Every piece is a testament to femininity and elegance, reflecting our commitment to excellence and detail. We aim not just to adorn but to enrich—making every moment memorable with jewelry that resonates deeply. Emi Conner Jewelry invites you to illuminate your journey with timeless pieces that embody beauty, love, and soulful elegance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to craft jewelry that means more—pieces made with love, designed to celebrate special moments and tell personal stories, bringing beauty to your life and adding light to your soul. We promise high-quality craftsmanship and honest communication about our materials and their origins, all while caring for our customers and the planet. Our goal is to offer more than just jewelry; we aim to provide symbols of love and care that endure, enhancing the beauty and depth of every day.

Our Vision

We aim to be recognized for creating jewelry with heart and integrity, pieces that not only bring beauty to your life but also add light to your soul. Leading the way in crafting beautiful, quality jewelry that is responsibly made, our vision is to connect people with their most cherished moments. We aspire to inspire a movement towards ethical and caring practices in the industry, making every piece a testament to love, care, and responsibility towards our planet and each other.

Our Core Values

1. LOVE: At the heart of our creations lies the universal value of love. We design and craft each piece with the intention of celebrating and honoring the deep connections and heartfelt emotions of our customers. Whether it's a token of affection, a symbol of a significant milestone, or a gift just because, love is the foundation of our inspiration and endeavors.

2. CARING: Beyond the beauty and elegance of our jewelry, caring is at the core of our service. From our attentive customer interactions to our considerate understanding of the stories behind each purchase, we strive to make everyone feel valued and respected.

3. QUALITY: Exceptional quality is non-negotiable. We are dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship, using only the finest materials and meticulous techniques to create jewelry that stands the test of time. Our attention to detail ensures that each piece meets our rigorous standards of perfection, reflecting the skill and passion of our artisans.

4. INTEGRITY, Transparency, and Ethical Sourcing:   Central to our ethos is a steadfast commitment to transparency and the pursuit of ethical sourcing practices. While we acknowledge the challenges in achieving 100% ethical sourcing, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, prioritizing the inclusion of detailed information about the origins and treatments of our stones.  We go beyond industry standards to ensure our customers are fully informed about where and how the stones in their jewelry are sourced and any treatments they may have undergone. This commitment to transparency about stone origins and treatment procedures is a reflection of our broader dedication to honesty, ethical practices, and environmental stewardship. Providing this depth of information empowers our customers to make well-informed choices, secure in the knowledge that their treasured pieces are not only of exceptional quality but are sourced and processed with the highest level of integrity and care. Our pledge to integrity, transparency, and ethical sourcing stands as a mark of our respect for our customers, artisans, and the environment.

By embedding these core values in our daily operations and decision-making processes, we aim to not just sell jewelry, but to enrich lives with meaningful, beautiful pieces that embody the love, care, integrity, and quality our brand stands for.

Meet The Team

with the help of my husband and a select team of beautifully skilled craftspeople back home, I work to tailor an ever-evolving collection of fine jewelry that celebrates meaningful moments in people's lives, transcends time and tells a timeless story.

Mike Conner



Production Manager

Esther Schulze Ehope Marketing

Social Media Manager


Jewelry Wax Carver