Ethiopian Opal Gemstone Meaning

January 14, 2017

♥Love  ♥Loyalty  ♥Peace  ♥Consciousness  ♥Faithfulness  ♥Purity ♥Innocence ♥Hope.

Birthstone - October
Zodiac - Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces
Element - Water

Ethiopian Opal is a form of white precious Opal which is a hydrated silica mineral composed of microscopic spheres whose regular formation diffracts light to produce the rainbow colors or "fire" seen within the base white colored mineral. Ethiopian opal is believed to be an old gemstone. In 1939, an anthropologist found evidence of use of the opal by early man in a cave in Kenya. It was not until the mid 1990s when the opal was re-discovered and mining was begun. The new Opals from the Welo district of Ethiopia discovered in 2008 have proven to be extremely stable despite their porosity, able to absorb water and change transparency or opacity, then revert back to their original state with no adverse reaction or cracking. These stones are marvelous for utilizing Water energy, the energy of stillness, quiet strength, and purification.


Amplification Of Emotional Energy. The frequency of Ethiopian Opal connects to all the Chakras. It can help one acknowledge and release deeply held negative emotional patterns such as anger and fear. Its energy amplifies emotional energies, both positive and negative, so that one can become more emotionally balanced. Known as a joy filled gemstone, it is predisposed to activate the base and sacral chakras.  The internal "fire" brings "Light" energy into all of one's Chakra system and energy fields, cleansing and purifying them of negativity and replacing these low vibration energies with the high vibrational energy of joy.

Ethiopian Opal is the 'Stone of Relations', helps to create and strengthen bonds within relationships, as well as bringing relations, whether loved ones, friends or work relations, closer together. Wearing Opal brings loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity.


Ethiopian Opal is a breathtaking gem, as it said to give the wearer a sense of calmness which in turn serve to encourage faith, loyalty, truth as well purity. It is particularly committed to healing and strengthening the emotional body of the wearer. It lends a hand for the wearing individual to be honest with the true self. Its high internal energy brings the emotions to the surface, so as to cover the situations clearly. It facilitates the carrier to pass the negative emotions as well as soothes his poignant body, to make him unruffled and in control. It assists the holder in becoming confident, positive and loving, more creative additionally unprompted. Historically, it is acknowledged as a jewel of happy changes, as it brings happiness from the understanding, that the wearer possesses unlimited potential which allows his aspirations to rise in future. Various color radiant stands for their meticulous reason, white conveys freedom, brown is supposed to bring wisdom, yellow for wealth as easily as green for cheerfulness. It too augments individual integrity. It helps the women wearer to attach with her soul goddess which ultimately help to obtain the feminine oomph. As a lustrous jewel piece, it is best experienced for its elegance and beauty. Through ages, it is believed to be associated with the matrix of life itself. It has a propensity to bring wisdom, help to reinforce and foster the growth of love because of its strong magnetic power. It is trusted that it aids the wearing individual to discover the intent of his dependable self as well as elucidate the intellect and invigorate the humor. With the uplifting feelings, Ethiopian Opal too helps the wearer to learn to love himself by reminding him that all things around him is good and true.

Where is Ethiopian Opal found?
97% of the supreme quality Opal comes from Australia. Other sources where Ethiopian Opal is not found in much abundance but is mined from Ethiopia, Brazil, Peru, USA, Mexico, and some parts of Africa.


Ethiopian Opal Care: Soak solid opal in plain water for about an hour once a month. Water is one of the chemical components in opal and can be gradually lost over time, causing the stone to crack (this is called crazing). Never put opal in oil or in detergent solution, because it may lose the color. Remove dirt by gently wiping with tissue paper moistened with rubbing alcohol. Opal should never be heated.


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Ethiopian Opal is one of my favorite gemstones. Here are some jewelry pieces I created using Ethiopian Opal.




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