Morganite Gemstone Meaning

January 12, 2017

A gentle pink blush graces this amazing Beryl called Morganite. Named after the famous banker and mineral collector, JP Morgan, this charming gem is a member of the Beryl family, and siblings of Emerald, Heliodor and Aquamarine, Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl. The gentle pink hue of Morganite is due to traces of manganese. Its color can be touched with orange or violet, making it a gem that complements all complexions. Morganite creates a sense of calm in those who wear it, reflecting the happier aspects of life. Romantic, enchanting and compassionate. 



Metaphysical Properties of Morganite


Morganite is a powerful, high vibrational, universal stone of unconditional love. It helps to attract and maintain love. Morganite activates and cleanses the Heart Chakra, connecting to Divine Love.

♥ Morganite attracts love and maintains it. It reawakens love in those who are married but jaded. It encourages loving thoughts and actions, creating space to enjoy life and living. It is the stone excellence for dealing with a stressful life and shedding unnecessary baggage. It aids in tuning into guidance and teaches you how to do only that which you need to do. 

♥ Morganite also aids in recognizing unfulfilled emotional needs and unexpressed feelings. It promotes the healing of fear, resentment and anger. It is excellent for ridding oneself of attachment to past relationships that have ended badly or about which one feels unresolved. It can help one recognize emotional patterns that need to be cleared before a new relationship can be successful. If one is seeking a soul-mate relationship, Morganite helps one identify the attitudes, past wounds and habitual relationship patterns that may be standing in the way of engaging one's Soul partner. 

♥ Morganite activates and cleanses the heart chakra and assists one in connecting to Divine love and the angelic heart. It helps one to be receptive of the loving words, actions, and energy of others and to be less protective of one's emotional vulnerability. It teaches protection through love, rather than fear.

♥Morganite brings a sense of emotional abundance, love, and peaceful acceptance and trust for the Divine's plan for one's life. 

♥ Morganite is a powerful stone for dissolving conscious or unconscious resistance to healing and transformation, clearing the mind and opening the heart to receive unconditional love and healing. This stone helps you to recognize the escape routes, closed-mindedness, and egotism that block spiritual advancement. It holds the emotional body stable while psychosomatic changes take place. 
It opens and activates the crown and solar plexus chakras. Morganite is aligned with angelic energies and can be used to connect with and receive guidance from angelic beings. Because of its heart-activating properties, this ally will help one align more closely with the loving energies of higher entities, allowing one to feel more supported by Spirit on the emotional level. It can aid one in developing trust in Spirit; particularly where one has had a loss or tragedy, which has tested one's faith in the Divine. 

♥ Morganite enhances courage, relieves stress, and calms the mind. With its ability to filter out distractions and to reduce over stimulation, it encourages a positive view. It discourages over analysis and anxiety.

♥Morganite can bring an immediate release of old pains and sorrow and a sense of lightness, as though a burden has been lifted. It can make the healing of old wounds easier, bringing long-forgotten traumas into consciousness where one can relive them one last time as they are being released. 



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Morganite is one of my favorite gemstones. Here are some jewelry pieces I created using Morganite.




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