Positive and Negative Energy

Energy is perceptible and palpable. How many times have you walked into a room and "felt a vibe" (and even identified the vibe as happy, sad, disturbed, or whatever) before anyone utters a word about what the vibe is about? Did you ever have a hunch about a stranger--her life, personality, and challenges--only to discover later that your hunch is correct? With awareness, we can tell much about a person by the energy they put out.

Energy is measured in wavelengths. In the human body, positive energy vibrates at high frequency, and is experienced as love, joy, generosity, and compassion. Negative energy, which vibrates at a low frequency, is experienced as fear, hate, anger, depression, and shame.


Like a furnace, energy radiates from the body and is perceptible to others. Throughout our day and our life, our energy hovers between the highest high positive energy and lowest low negative energy, depending on a variety of factors. But with a conscious approach to life and certain practices, our energy can be controlled, and moved into Positive Energy realms, where it can remain.


Energy can shift in a split second. It is easy for your vibration to shift from positive to negative, and vice versa. As normal human beings, we experience positive and negative energy, and all nuances in between, often in the same day or even in the same hour. It is important to be aware of our perceptions and how the events of life affect our vibration. The good news is that we can control our perception of what is happening, so something that we would normally consider negative or bad can become neutralized into "that's life." Something we would perceive as "normal," such as a call from a friend, ca be boosted in importance to a fantastic, positive gift.


For example, have you ever felt upbeat and happy, and then you got bad news, like your checking account was overdrawn? Did you plunge from the heights of positive energy to be depths of negative energy? You may start thinking negative thoughts. "Crap! I never have enough money!" Your energy not only plummets, but it can go even deeper with more negative thoughts. "My job sucks, and if I just had it together enough  to have finished college, I'd be making better money now. I'm such a loser!" Down, down, and further down you spiral until negativity fills your body and makes your vibration negative. You may stay in that space for hours or days or (in some extreme cases) years. 


But just as negative thinking will spiral you down, positive thoughts will raise you up. Let's say you got that overdraft notice from the bank and you dipped into a temporary negative space. Your inner voice wants to say, "I'm so lame. Why can't I ever do this right?" But you can direct your thoughts into  a positive place, and say instead, "Well, this is a wakeup call. I'd better start paying more attention to my checkbook and figure out a way to make more money." This kind of thinking helps you feel that you have more control over your life. It may inspire and empower you to to take action to make improvements in the way you handle your money. You decision to take action will raise your mood and your self-esteem. Your vibration raises higher as you make constructive changes. You begin to positively affect every person you meet, and they will spread positive energy to others. The world becomes a better place, all because of you withdrawn checking account.




By Meloney Hudson, the author of Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman

Shared by: Emi W.



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